New Year New Me

Dear 2017 I know you gave me so many opportunities to step up my game as a blogger but I blew them all out because I was looking for that(my)  perfect time which never came,   and with that I wasn't happy cause I didn't get to do what I needed to do, but I learnt… Continue reading New Year New Me


How to slay your Ankara style on a game date

Ever wondered what would be like to go on a date with a sport lover?  Looking for what to wear becomes a problem and time consuming, and because it's a sport date,and it's your first, you become confused and would want to scatter the whole wardrobe to get the best outfit. At the end it… Continue reading How to slay your Ankara style on a game date

style inspirations

Slaying on Ankara white collar dress 

Hey lovely people, hope your weekend is going as planned. Thanks so much for the likes and comments you left on my previous post, I really appreciate it.  This week, I decided to drop my first Ankara style Inspiration, "Slaying on Ankara white collar dress". I got this style inspiration from the style goddess and… Continue reading Slaying on Ankara white collar dress